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"Explore the Mesozoic Era with Our Dino Subscription Box Series!"


Welcome to our Dino Subscription Box series, where we invite you on a journey through time to uncover the mysteries of prehistoric creatures. With each box, you will receive a new replica skeleton to assemble. Whether you're a budding paleontologist, a dino enthusiast, or simply eager to learn, our series offers something for everyone.


Why Choose Our Dino Subscription Boxes?

  • 📦 Monthly Adventures: Our subscription series takes you on a monthly adventure to explore a new and captivating dinosaur or prehistoric creature. Our subscription boxes are shipped like clockwork, 5 - 7 days after payment is received.


  • 🦖 Replica Skeletons: Each box includes the components to assemble a stunning, replica skeleton of the featured creature.


From the iconic Stegosaurus to the awe-inspiring Spinosaurus, the legendary T-Rex, and the majestic Pterodactyl, our Dino Subscription Box series will transport you to the ancient past. With each box, you'll receive a new replica skeleton, piecing together a prehistoric puzzle, expanding your knowledge, and sparking your curiosity.


Don't miss the opportunity to subscribe and become part of our Dino Subscription Box community. Join us in this epic journey through time, where you'll learn, explore, and experience the awe of the prehistoric world. Subscribe now and embrace the adventure!



🚫 Not for children under 3 – Choking Hazard. Adult supervision is recommended when young children are using this product.


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Dino Subscription Box

Price Options
Monthly Dino
Unlock Prehistory One Month at a Time
$41.00every month for 8 months
    Return Policy

    At Zelmar, we offer replacements for damaged or defective items. For more details on the replacement process and eligibility, please review our full Replacement Policy.

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