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Want a different design? No problem! Send us your request. If you can think it, we can make it.

Elevate your living space with our captivating "The Lord is my Shepherd - Psalm 23" Wall Art. This striking piece features the timeless words of Psalm 23, elegantly crafted with white, black, and red hand-glued lettering. The best part? It's fully customisable to suit your space. Whether you prefer a different verse or saying, we're here to bring your vision to life.


Key Features:

  • Psalm 23: Display the comforting and inspiring words of Psalm 23, a source of solace and strength.

  • Hand-Glued Lettering: Each letter is meticulously hand-glued in black, and red, showcasing the utmost craftsmanship.

  • Customisation: Tailor this wall art to your unique style. Opt for a different verse or saying to create a piece that resonates with your heart.


Please Note:

  • Language Customisation: While the image is in Afrikaans, when you place your order, we will send you artwork for approval in English, ensuring that it perfectly suits your preferences.


Perfect For:

  • Home Decor: Enhance your living room, bedroom, or any space with this powerful and stylish wall art.

  • Gift Giving: Share the gift of faith and inspiration with friends and family, offering them a piece of art that holds both aesthetic and spiritual value.

  • Personal Expression: Make a statement about your faith, values, and personal beliefs, using this art to convey the essence of your home.


"The Lord is my Shepherd - Psalm 23" Wall Art is a striking and meaningful addition to your living space, measuring 60 x 36cm. With its timeless scripture, meticulous hand-glued lettering, and full customisation options, it becomes a unique and personalised reflection of your faith and values. Order today and add an inspiring and personal touch to your home.



"The Lord is my Shepherd" Psalm 23 Wall Art

    Return Policy

    At Zelmar, we offer replacements for damaged or defective items. For more details on the replacement process and eligibility, please review our full Replacement Policy.

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