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Transform your savings into a farm-fresh adventure with our Tractor Money Box – a whimsical and artistic addition to your financial routine. Shaped like a detailed tractor, each piece is meticulously handpainted, adding a touch of individuality and charm. The coin slot on top allows for easy deposits, making it a delightful way to store your coins for future farming endeavors. 


🚜 Key Features:

  • Detailed Tractor Design: Shaped like a realistic tractor, bringing the spirit of the farm into your savings routine.
  • Handpainted Artistry: Each piece is meticulously handpainted, ensuring a unique and charming character.
  • Practical Coin Slot: Easily deposit coins through the conveniently located coin slot on top.
  • Colour Variation: Due to handpainting, colour may vary, making each money box a truly unique piece of art.


💰 Ideal For:

  • Farm Enthusiasts: Perfect for those who love the countryside and want to incorporate farm charm into their savings routine.
  • Nursery Decor: Ideal for nurseries, bringing a playful and farm-fresh appeal to your little one's space.
  • Gift Giving: A unique and charming gift for birthdays, baby showers, or any occasion where a farm-themed present is appreciated.


✨ Why Choose Handpainted Tractor with Loader Money Box?

  • Artistic Charm: Each piece is handpainted, ensuring a one-of-a-kind and whimsical addition to your savings routine.
  • Rural Charm: Shaped like a detailed tractor with a loader, bringing the spirit of the farm into your space.
  • Easy Deposits: The practical coin slot on top allows for hassle-free coin deposits.
  • Nursery Appeal: Perfect for adding a touch of farm charm and whimsy to your little one's nursery.


Rev up your savings in handpainted farm-fresh style with our Handpainted Tractor with Loader Money Box. Order now and bring the countryside spirit to your financial journey! 

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Tractor Money Box

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    At Zelmar, we offer replacements for damaged or defective items. For more details on the replacement process and eligibility, please review our full Replacement Policy.

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