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Celebrate the spirit of rural life and agriculture with our Tractor Wall Clock. This unique timepiece not only keeps you punctual but also pays homage to the iconic tractor, symbolizing hard work and the beauty of the countryside. Customise the clock's colour to match your personal style or complement your decor seamlessly. Crafted with precision and equipped with silent quartz movement, it provides accurate timekeeping without any distracting ticking sounds.


Key Features:

  • Customisable Colour: Tailor the clock's colour to your liking, allowing you to match your decor or add a personal touch.

  • Iconic Tractor Design: The clock features a detailed design inspired by the quintessential tractor, making it ideal for those who appreciate rural life and the countryside.

  • Silent Quartz Movement: Enjoy precise timekeeping without any ticking noise, creating a serene and rustic atmosphere.


Perfect For:

  • Farmhouse Decor: Add a touch of the countryside to your home, evoking the spirit of rural life.

  • Customisation: Ideal for those who want a clock that matches their unique style and decor.

  • Gift Giving: Surprise farmers and those with a deep connection to rural life with a thoughtful and personalised gift that celebrates their heritage.


🚫 Not for children under 3 – Choking Hazard. Adult supervision is recommended when young children are using this product.


The Tractor Wall Clock is not just a timekeeping device; it's a statement piece that embodies the spirit of rural life. Whether it's for your farmhouse, country home, or as a gift for rural enthusiasts, this clock is an excellent choice. Order one today and let the charm of the iconic tractor adorn your daily routine.

Tractor Wall Clock

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