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Celebrate the magic of Christmas with our Reusable Nativity Wooden Drawer Advent Calendar. This enchanting calendar not only enhances your holiday decor but also adds a meaningful touch as you count down the days to Christmas with this nativity-themed creation.


🌟 Key Features:

Reusable Delight: Fill the drawers with your favorite treats, creating a delightful surprise for each day. Remember to wrap treats, as MDF is not food-safe.

DIY Kit or Hand-Painted Options: Choose between a DIY kit with everything you need for a creative project or a hand-painted option for a ready-to-use advent calendar.

Colour Variations: Hand-painted calendars may vary in colour, ensuring each one is a unique work of art.

Size: L= 434 W = 102 H = 635


🎁 Ideal For:

Family Traditions: Create lasting memories by incorporating this nativity advent calendar into your family's holiday traditions.

Meaningful Decor: Infuse your home with the spirit of Christmas and the beauty of the nativity scene.

Gift-Giving: Share the joy of the season with loved ones by gifting them this unique and thoughtful advent calendar.


✨ Why Choose the Nativity Wooden Drawer Advent Calendar?

Versatile Use: After Christmas, repurpose the drawers for storage or keep it as a decorative item for years to come.

Make this holiday season even more special with the Nativity Wooden Drawer Advent Calendar. Order now and bring the magic of Christmas into your home!


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Reusable Nativity Advent Calendar

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