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Get ready to create magical memories with our "Santa and Raindeer Footprint Stencil Set." This stencil set is designed for making Santa footprints on Christmas Eve, adding an extra touch of enchantment to your holiday traditions. It also includes reindeer footprints for an even more authentic touch. Simply use plain flour to create the illusion of snow-like footprints and watch the wonder in your loved ones' eyes.


Material: Crafted from sturdy 3mm MDF wood.



2 x Santa Footprint Stencils (Size: 18cm x 34cm)
1 x Reindeer Footprint Stencil (Size: 16cm x 12cm)


Target Audience:

Our "Santa and Reindeer Footprint Stencil Set" is perfect for Christmas enthusiasts and parents with small children who want to create cherished memories and a little extra magic during the holiday season.


Add a touch of magic to your Christmas Eve with our "Santa and Reindeer Footprint Stencil Set." Create lasting memories and share the enchantment with your loved ones.

Santa and Raindeer Footprint Stencil Set

$24.00 Regular Price
$19.20Sale Price
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