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Santa in Chimney Advent Calendar

Experience the joy of the season with our Santa in Chimney Advent Calendar! As you remove the layers from 1 to 24, Santa magically moves down the chimney, revealing a delightful activity each day.


🎄 Key Features:

  • Interactive Countdown: Watch Santa descend the chimney as you uncover the layers from 1 to 24.
  • 24 Festive Activities: Enjoy a variety of holiday surprises, including Christmas carol karaoke and more!
  • Customisation Option: Personalise your advent calendar! Add your names on the stockings, your family name on the fireplace, and more for a truly unique touch.
  • Size: 40cm high for a statement piece in your holiday decor.
  • Options:
    • DIY Kit: Includes everything you need—paint, paintbrushes, and glue—for a personalised touch.
    • Complete Set: Receive a fully painted and ready-to-display advent calendar.


🎁 Why Choose Our Advent Calendar?

  • Festive Surprises: Uncover a new holiday activity surprise each day.
  • DIY Fun: Embrace the joy of crafting with our all-in-one DIY kit.
  • Ready-to-Display Option: Choose the complete set for a hassle-free, painted advent calendar.


💡 Perfect for:

  • Family bonding during the holiday season.
  • Crafting enthusiasts who love a hands-on festive project.
  • Adding a magical touch to your Christmas decor.


🚀 Bring Joy to Your Christmas Countdown! Enhance the festive spirit with our Santa in Chimney Advent Calendar. Choose between the DIY kit or a complete set—both designed to make your holiday countdown memorable.


NB! This product comes with 24 festive surprise activities. Santa in Chimney DIY Kit includes paint, paintbrushes, and glue. The Complete Set is fully painted and ready for display.


Thank you for choosing Zelmar to make your holiday season extra special! 🌟

Santa in Chimney Advent Calendar

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